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Get your daily dose of vitamins through fresh, organic and clean food at Zaithong Organic Farm And Cafe!


Zaithong Organic Farm And Cafe and Zaithong Hydro Farm, located in the beautiful Khao Tao area of Hua Hin, is devoted to growing organic salads and vegetables without any usage of chemicals, in order to promote the healthy lifestyle through fresh and organic vegetable consumption.

For those who are not familiar with hydroponic systems, it is a method of growing plants without soil, using only mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. You can find daily pictures of our enterprise and products by following us on  Facebook.

Opening Hours:

Zaithong Hydro Farm: Monday to Saturday from 9Am – 6PM

Zaithong Cafe: Daily 9AM – 6PM, closed on Wednesday

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What are the advantages of hydroponic growth Hydro Farm?

• Hydroponic systems take up to 50% less land to grow the same amount of crops, which is beneficial for preservation of the wildlife reserves and saving trees, which would otherwise be cleared for agricultural purposes.

• It uses less than 10% the amount of water that would be required for growing in soil, therefore a great quantity of water is being saved every day.

• The hydroponic growing solution circulates through the plant’s roots, the plant absorbs exactly what they need, which reduces fertilizer requirement up to 60% in comparison with soil growing, where most of the fertilizer is lost due to settling or crystallizing in the soil.

• Due to the fact that hydroponic systems do not require soil (which hold bacteria and many common insects), there is no need for toxic pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical to protect the plants.

At the moment we offer:

Red Batavia Lettuce

Green Oak Lettuce

Red Oak Lettuce

Green Cos Lettuce

Red Coral Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

Frill Ice Iceberg Lettuce


We also offer eggs, fresh Basil and a variety of local Thai vegetables and fruits.

Our goal is to keep expanding and introducing new products so in the future you can expect from us more herbs such as parsley, rosemary and mint.

The farm will also focus on producing cherry tomatoes, cucumber, papaya and fruits such as bananas, mango and lime. If you wish to visit our beautiful Zythong Hydro Farm and the Zaithong Organic Farm And Cafe in Hua Hin , please contact us and we will arrange a tour for you.