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Manora Village I

Villa Natalie Type A, Villa Busaba Type B, Villa Poisien Type C 

Located in Khao Tao, Manora Villages I,II and III make an outstanding bouquet of elegant and brilliantly conceived villa properties for sale or for rent in Hua Hin with unifying architectural style and stunning design. Moreover, our fully furnished properties collectively provide a unique atmosphere built to a high specification with top quality materials.

Each villa for sale or for rent has a car-parking space and fabulously landscaped, private garden. In addition, every unit has been decorated with European style kitchen, lavish bathrooms, beautiful florings, ceramics, hand-carved wooden doors and energy efficient windows, which is standard in Manora Village Hua Hin. Additionally, you can enjoy the stylish contemporary outlook, good local amenities, beautiful local beaches and superb shuttle-bus connections to and from Hua Hin. The Manora Village Hua Hin Holiday Resort is a safe and secure international community under Swiss Management. Great place for holidays, retirement and investment in the Hua Hin property market. 

Manora Village I properties are part of a holiday village type setting, with a total of 50 Bali-style villas for sale or for rent, split into 3 types, 14 one-bedroom villas (Type A, Villa Natalie), 29 two-bedroom villas (Type B, Villa Busaba), and 7 three-bedroom villas (Type C, Villa Poisien). Our exclusive Hua Hin Holiday Resort is located in Khao Tao, only 15 km south of Hua Hin town center and just 1.8 km from the famous Had Sai Noi Beach. Manora Co., Ltd. is offering professional Management & Maintenance Services, enormous Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Management Office, Restaurant with Bar, 24h Security services and much more. Additionally, villas with private swimming pool and Jacuzzi are also available. Manora properties are luxury villas for sale, lease or rent in Hua Hin.

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Project details

                 Property Type                       Bedrooms          Bathrooms          Living Area          Land Area              Project Area

                  Villa Natalie Type A                           1                            1                               90 Sqm            300 – 431 Sqm

                  Villa Busaba Type B                          2                            2                              146 Sqm           500 – 720 Sqm                  22.50 Rai

                  Villa Poisien Type C                          3                            3                              260 Sqm           590 – 636 Sqm


                          Luxury Swimming Pool               Jacuzzi                     Children’s Pool                  Modern Restaurant

                          Management Office                      Bar                            Car Parking                        Non Smoking

                          Pet Free                                          CCTV                         24 hr Security                     50 Units

                          Swiss Management                      Reception                 Foreign Ownership          2 Km From Beach

                          Tropical Gardens                         Land Leasehold       15 Km to Hua Hin             4 Km to Golf Course


Project units

Villa Natalie Type A - 90 Sqm

Type: Villa Natalie Type A
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Living Area: 90 Sqm
Land Area: 300 Sqm

Villa Busaba Type B - 146 Sqm

Type: Villa Busaba Type B
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Living Area: 146 Sqm
Land Area: 515 Sqm

Villa Poisien Type C - 260 Sqm

Type: Villa Poisien Type C
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Living Area: 260 Sqm
Land Area: 500 Sqm

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