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Our Hua Hin Holiday Facilities at Manora

Enjoy your time with amazing facilities at Manora Village Hua Hin.

Fitness Centre

The Manora Village Hua Hin residents can join our facilities at Manora, such as Fitness Center situated at Manora Village III in Hua Hin, Khao Tao. You will find a great selection of new exercising machines, air-conditioned space, two shower rooms with toilets and a reception area. Get in shape while enjoying a beautiful view of the swimming pool, surrounding mountains and a serene garden area.

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Standard Rates per Person:

1 Day Pass:                                      200 THB

1 Week Membership:                       1,050 THB  (equal 150 THB / 1 day)

1 Month Membership:                      3,000 THB  (equal 100 THB / 1 day)

3 Months Membership:                    5,400 THB  (equal  60  THB / 1 day)

6 Months Membership:                    7,200 THB  (equal  40  THB / 1 day)

1 Year Membership:                        10,950 THB (equal  30  THB / 1 day)

Partner Membership (2 persons):

3 Months Partner Membership:        7,200 THB         (equal 40 THB / 1 day)

6 Months Partner Membership:        10,800 THB       (equal 30 THB / 1 day)

1 Year Partner Membership:            14,600 THB       (equal 20 THB / 1 day)

Tickets or Membership Cards are available at the Management Office at Manora Village I or directly at the Fitness Centre, Manora Village III. It is not allowed to use the Swimming Pool at Manora Village III with a Fitness Ticket. The pool is reserved for house owners, residents, or renters who are living in Manora Village III only!

Swimming Pools & Jacuzzi

Each Manora Village features a large communal swimming pool and Jacuzzi for residents to enjoy and relax under the beautiful sun and a pleasant tropical breeze. In addition, Manora Village I and Manora Village III feature children’s swimming pools with limited depth to ensure the safety of our youngest visitors.

Manora Village I

Manora Village II

Manora Village III