Celebrating in Hua Hin: Local Events and Festivals


Hua Hin is renowned for its vibrant cultural events, food festivals, and sports competitions. The city hosts numerous annual events that attract both locals and tourists, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and lively spirit of the area. Below is a detailed guide highlighting the key events and festivals in Hua Hin, including dates, locations, and what attendees can expect.

These annual celebrations not only highlight the region’s cultural heritage but also draw in tourists from around the globe, contributing to Hua Hin’s vibrant atmosphere. This article provides an in-depth look at some of the most significant events and festivals that take place in Hua Hin throughout the year. From cultural and food festivals to sports competitions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor, these events offer a unique opportunity to experience the local culture, cuisine, and community spirit of Hua Hin.

Cultural Events 


Songkran Festival

  • Dates: April 11-13
  • Locations: Pae Mai Market, Pone Kingpetch Public Park
  • Description: Songkran, the Thai New Year, is celebrated with water-splashing activities, cultural performances, and traditional rituals. In Hua Hin, the festivities take place at various locations, including Pae Mai Market and Pone Kingpetch Public Park. During these three days, the town comes alive with music, dance, and the joyous spirit of the New Year. Participants engage in water fights, a traditional way of celebrating Songkran, which symbolizes the washing away of the old year’s misfortunes.
  • Highlights: Traditional blessings, water fights, live music, and dance performances.

Songkran in Hua Hin offers a unique blend of traditional and modern festivities. While the water fights are a major draw for both young and old, the festival also includes traditional activities such as the pouring of scented water onto Buddha images and the hands of elders to show respect and seek blessings. The city’s streets are transformed into vibrant venues for parades, cultural performances, and beauty pageants. The local government often organizes concerts and entertainment events, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The Songkran Festival in Hua Hin is not just about fun; it is a time for family reunions, paying respects to elders, and participating in merit-making activities at temples.

Hua Hin Jazz Festival

  • Dates: June 18-20
  • Location: Hua Hin Beach
  • Description: The Hua Hin Jazz Festival is a much-anticipated event that transforms the town into a hub of musical activity. This festival features performances by both international and local jazz artists on beachside stages, providing a unique blend of music and scenic beauty. Attendees can enjoy a variety of jazz genres, from smooth and soulful tunes to energetic and upbeat rhythms. In addition to the music, the festival offers food stalls, craft markets, and workshops, making it a comprehensive cultural experience.
  • Highlights: Live jazz performances, workshops, local food stalls, and crafts markets.

The Hua Hin Jazz Festival is one of the biggest musical events in Thailand, drawing thousands of visitors each year. The beachfront setting provides a perfect backdrop for the jazz performances, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Visitors can lounge on the sand or dance to the rhythms as the sun sets over the ocean. The festival also features interactive workshops where jazz enthusiasts can learn from professional musicians. Food lovers can indulge in a variety of local and international cuisines available at the numerous food stalls set up along the beach. The combination of world-class music, beautiful scenery, and delectable food makes the Hua Hin Jazz Festival a must-visit event.

Amazing Muay Thai World Festival

  • Dates: February 4-6
  • Location: Rajabhakti Park
  • Description: Celebrating Thailand’s national sport, the Amazing Muay Thai World Festival is an event that draws martial arts enthusiasts from around the world. Held at Rajabhakti Park, the festival includes Muay Thai demonstrations, competitions, and cultural exhibitions. This festival not only highlights the athletic prowess of the fighters but also underscores the cultural significance of Muay Thai in Thai history and society.
  • Highlights: Muay Thai matches, cultural displays, and interactive sessions.

The Amazing Muay Thai World Festival is more than just a sports event; it is a cultural celebration that showcases the art and tradition of Muay Thai. The festival features a variety of activities including professional Muay Thai bouts, amateur competitions, and training sessions conducted by renowned fighters. Attendees can also enjoy traditional Thai dance performances, music, and food. The festival often includes seminars and exhibitions on the history and techniques of Muay Thai, providing a deeper understanding of the sport. For those interested in martial arts, this festival is an excellent opportunity to witness high-level competition and learn about the cultural heritage of Muay Thai.

Food Festivals 


Hua Hin Food Festival

  • Dates: December 5-14
  • Location: Queen’s Park 19 Rai
  • Description: The Hua Hin Food Festival is a culinary extravaganza that showcases the best of local cuisine. Held annually at Queen’s Park 19 Rai, the festival features stalls from top restaurants and hotels in Hua Hin, offering a wide array of Thai dishes at affordable prices. The festival is a must-visit for food lovers, providing an opportunity to taste authentic Thai flavors and dishes.
  • Highlights: Food tastings, cooking demonstrations, and live entertainment.

The Hua Hin Food Festival is a gastronomic paradise for anyone who loves food. Visitors can explore an extensive array of Thai dishes, from spicy curries and fresh seafood to sweet desserts and exotic fruits. The festival often includes cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, offering a chance to learn the secrets of Thai cuisine. In addition to the food stalls, there are also numerous beverage options, including local wines and craft beers. Live entertainment, including traditional Thai music and dance, adds to the festive atmosphere. The Hua Hin Food Festival not only promotes local cuisine but also supports the region’s culinary tourism.

Sports Competitions


Hua Hin International Golf Festival

  • Dates: August-September
  • Locations: Various golf courses including Springfield Village Golf & Spa, The Imperial Lake View Hotel & Golf Club, and Palm Hills Golf Resort
  • Description: Golf enthusiasts from around the world gather in Hua Hin for the International Golf Festival. This month-long event features tournaments at several prestigious golf courses in the area. The festival is open to golfers of all skill levels, offering a chance to compete, improve their skills, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hua Hin’s top golf courses.
  • Highlights: Competitive golf events, swing clinics, and prize draws.

The Hua Hin International Golf Festival is one of the largest golfing events in Thailand, attracting participants from across the globe. The festival takes place over several weeks, with different tournaments held at various courses. Each course offers a unique challenge, from the lush fairways of Springfield Village Golf & Spa to the scenic views at Palm Hills Golf Resort. The festival also includes swing clinics where participants can get tips from professional golfers. Prize draws and social events add to the excitement, making the festival a comprehensive experience for golf enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the Hua Hin International Golf Festival offers a perfect blend of competition and camaraderie.

Centara World Masters Golf Championship

  • Dates: June 9-15
  • Location: Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin
  • Description: The Centara World Masters Golf Championship is one of the largest amateur golf tournaments in Asia. Hosted at the luxurious Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas, this event attracts amateur golfers from around the globe for a week of intense competition and social activities. The championship includes various categories, ensuring a competitive and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • Highlights: Tournament play, social events, and gala dinners.

The Centara World Masters Golf Championship is a prestigious event that offers amateur golfers the chance to compete on an international stage. The tournament features multiple rounds of play, with different categories based on age and skill level. The event is not just about golf; it also includes a range of social activities such as welcome parties, gala dinners, and awards ceremonies.

These events provide an opportunity for participants to socialize and network with fellow golfers from around the world. The luxurious setting of the Centara Grand BeachGrand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin adds to the prestige of the event, offering world-class facilities and services. Participants and their families can enjoy a luxurious stay with access to the resort’s amenities, including a spa, fine dining, and beachfront activities. The Centara World Masters Golf Championship is not just a golf tournament; it’s a complete package of competition, relaxation, and social interaction.

Other Notable Events 


Hua Hin International Kite Festival

  • Dates: March 9-11
  • Location: Hua Hin Beach
  • Description: The Hua Hin International Kite Festival is a visually stunning event that attracts kite enthusiasts from around the world. The festival features kites of all shapes and sizes, from traditional Thai designs to modern creations. In addition to kite flying, the event includes workshops, night shows, and competitions, making it a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Highlights: Kite flying competitions, workshops, and night shows.

The Hua Hin International Kite Festival is a vibrant display of color and creativity that captivates both participants and spectators. The festival grounds are filled with an array of kites, from simple single-line designs to intricate multi-line creations that perform acrobatic maneuvers in the sky. Competitions are held in various categories, including the most beautiful kite, the largest kite, and the best performing kite. Workshops provide opportunities for visitors to learn about kite making and flying techniques from experts. Night shows, where illuminated kites light up the night sky, are a spectacular highlight of the festival. The event also includes food stalls and craft markets, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Hua Hin Tattoo Festival

  • Dates: January 27-28
  • Location: Bluport Hua Hin Shopping Center
  • Description: Tattoo enthusiasts gather at the Hua Hin Tattoo Festival to celebrate body art and culture. The event showcases the work of local and international tattoo artists, offering a unique platform for artists to display their creativity. Visitors can watch live tattooing, attend seminars, and even get inked by some of the best tattoo artists in the industry.
  • Highlights: Tattoo showcases, live music, and artist meet-and-greets.

The Hua Hin Tattoo Festival is a celebration of tattoo artistry that brings together artists and enthusiasts from around the world. The event features live tattooing sessions where visitors can watch artists at work and even get a tattoo themselves. Seminars and workshops provide insights into the latest trends and techniques in tattooing. The festival also includes live music performances, adding to the lively atmosphere. Artist meet-and-greet sessions offer a chance for fans to interact with their favorite tattoo artists and learn more about their work. The Hua Hin Tattoo Festival is a unique event that highlights the artistic and cultural significance of tattoos.

Conclusion: Hua Hin events and festivals


Hua Hin’s annual events and festivals highlight the diversity and vibrancy of this coastal town. From the cultural richness of the Songkran Festival and Hua Hin Jazz Festival to the culinary delights of the Hua Hin Food Festival and the competitive spirit of the golf tournaments, there is something for everyone.

These events not only provide entertainment but also offer a deeper understanding of Thai culture and community spirit. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, experiencing these festivals is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy everything Hua Hin has to offer. So mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate in Hua Hin, where every event promises an unforgettable experience.

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