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Dear guests, the Manora Villages are under Swiss Management. We are here to provide you, our house owners, residents, holiday makers and guests a wide range of professional maintenance and management services:

Maintenance Service

Our Manora Village team will be responsible for inspection of all projects, units and public areas, to ensure a clean and well maintained environment for our customers.


Mail Service

All Village mail will be directed to the office, and delivered to your home by a member of Manora Company. In case you are not at home, we will leave a note saying you have mail to collect in the office.


24 Hours Security

Manora Village projects are protected with surounding walls, entrance gate, cameras and security guards in order to keep our community safe and secure at all times.

Gardening & Landscape

Our gardening team will be responsible for grass cutting, watering of the plants, trees and general cleaning of garden areas.

Pool & Jacuzzi Maintenance

The Manora Pool & Jacuzzi  team will be responsible for maintenance of all public & private swimming pools, Jacuzzis and children pools.

House Cleaning

Tenants and house owners have housekeeping service available on the premises. The following prices are for each visit.


Price House Cleaning Service

Villa Natalie:                            500 THB

Villa Cosy G3:                          600 THB

Villa Busaba:                            800 THB

Villa Selina:                              800 THB

Villa Poisien:                         1,200 THB

Villa Grande:                         1,000 THB

Villa Cosy G1/G2:                    300 THB

Villa Royale:                         1,200 THB


Price House Cleaning & Laundry Service

Villa Natalie:                           1,500 THB

Villa Cosy G3:                       1,550 THB

Villa Busaba:                           1,750 THB

Villa Selina:                          1,700 THB

Villa Poisien:                           2,000 THB

Villa Grande:                         1,850 THB

Villa Cosy G1/G2:                     900 THB

Villa Royale:                         2,000 THB


At the Management Office you can drop and collect your laundry. We focus on using reliable laundry service providers, however the Manora Village management will not be responsible for any loss or damage of   any items.  

Garbage Collection

Garbage can be put away in a large container located at the gate of each house. Our team members will be collecting the garbage on a daily basis. 

Pest Control Service

Once a month we will have a pest control company visiting Manora Villages, in order to protect our community from ants, termites, bugs, and various insects. 

Handyman & Emergency Repair

Handy man is available on the premises. He will perform or schedule repairs and maintenance required in your home. 

Renovation & Construction

In case of any renovation or additional construction required, Manora Village managment can organize the right team for the job.

Tool Hire

We offer a wide range of tools, available for hire. For more information please contact our managment team.


Located in front of Manora Office in Village I, we offer a wide selection of books in English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and some in Russian. The books are free of charge to borrow. If you have any books, which are not needed, you can donate them to our library, and contribute to the expansion of reading material.

Home Rental Service

Manora Village Resort Villas are privately owned self-catering homes available for rent on a long or short term rental period; Manora Company Limited has been given sole Agency rights by the owners to act on their behalf.

Legal Service & Visa Service

Our managment team can assist you with any legal or visa service you might need for duration of your stay.

Health Care

Manora Village Hua Hin has a special arrangement with the local San Paulo Hua Hin Hospital for all Manora Village home owners and family members with a Free Neighbours Health Care Card.


Transport & Taxi Service

Our driver will be at the airport to assist you with your details, upon arrival.


Taxi services to any location in Hua Hin and surrounding areas can be ordered at the management office in Manora Village I.

Tour & Sightseeing

Thailand is a country of phenomenal beauty, rich in culture and history, which makes it definitely worth exploring. We have put together a wide selection of sightseeing tours to various sites of interest. If you wish to expand your knowledge about Thai history, cultural values and traditions, please visit Management Office for more information and to make your tour booking.

Car, Motorbike, Bicycle Hire

Manora Village is in cooperation with one of the best and most reliable car hire companies in the area. A wide range of both sporty and utility vehicles, on economic budget are available. Bicycles and Motorcycles are instantly available in the office area.


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